Teaching and Learning


The College aims at producing well-rounded, internationally minded young men and women, through a rigorous approach to teaching and learning. 

The focus is on the individual and we will tailor our teaching to the needs of the child, whether this is challenging the gifted or supporting those who have learning needs. We will ensure, through individual guidance, that every child reaches their true academic potential, irrespective of ability or background.

In order to meet this goal we will have small class sizes, on average 12-14 per class. This allows teachers to spend time giving quality personalised feedback, so students are clear on areas and strategies for improvement. Students are encouraged to take an active part in lessons, challenging, debating and developing their point of view. Ultimately we want them to be independent learners which prepares them for University and beyond.

Our talented teachers understand the latest in teaching and learning styles, and are passionate about finding ways of doing things better. Our teachers recognise each pupil’s learning profile in order to inspire them to rise above their own expectations.

Brand new 21st century classrooms and a ‘state of the art’ ICT infrastructure provide the very best learning environment and resources.