Pastoral Care


Pastoral care, based on our four pillars – COURTESY, COMPASSION, CREATIVITY AND COURAGE - is at the heart of all we do. Our first mission is to ensure all our students are extremely well-cared for, happy and confident that they will find the help and support they might need at any time.  As in every good family, we would expect reciprocal respect from all members of our friendly community. 

Any health problems would be dealt with in the first instance by the House Parents and Tutors who will whenever necessary refer the students to the school nurse; they will be seen in the comfort of the well-appointed and dedicated infirmaries.  In case of an emergency, we are fortunate to benefit from a network of experienced local doctors and the proximity of the Sion hospital. 

The school offers support either psychological or in the field of learning whenever there is evidence of need.

Of course each student is a key element in reinforcing this sense of belonging and the building of a strong camaraderie. Indeed the oldest students are expected to be role models and embody the values of the school. 

Religious beliefs are supported, including dietary requirements, observation of prayer times and attendances of external services can be accommodated wherever possible.