17/10/17 .

Year 5 & 6 Zurich Cultural Expedition

For our Cultural Long Expedition, Year 5&6 spent an exciting three days in Zurich. After a long coach journey, we visited the University Botanical Gardens for a picnic lunch, before heading to the focusTerra museum for a guided tour all about earthquakes. We learnt about earthquakes in Switzerland and around the world and experienced a real earthquake in an earthquake simulator. We then headed to our hostel, which was in a beautiful location next to Lake Zurich.

We spent our second day at Zurich Zoo, where we had a guided tour of the sights, sounds and smells of the Masoala Rainforest: an exciting and vibrant rainforest ecosystem, complete with tropical plants and Madagascan wildlife, such as lemurs, chameleons, lizards and giant tortoises. We explored the canopy on a tree top walk and experienced first-hand how hot and humid the rainforest is. This visit was aimed to support and enrich our current curriculum theme ‘Amazon Adventure’ and we will be taking our experience of the rainforest back to the classroom to help us with our learning. We also had the chance to explore the rest of the wildlife at the zoo, play in the park and enjoy an ice-cream in the sun.