19/10/17 .

Year 3 & 4 Cultural Long Expedition

For Cultural Long Expedition Year 3 and 4 set off for Zermatt. We arrived in the beautiful town and headed up the mountain in search of marmots. We followed the trail, stopping to find out information about these local creatures. Unfortunately, the marmots had taken to their winter sleep early but we did manage to get the most stunning view of the Matterhorn. After a picnic lunch on the mountains we headed back down and walked around the old town where many of the old features remain intact. To find out more about the Matterhorn we visited the museum where we went back in time and experienced Zermatt 150 years ago and finally caught a glimpse of a marmot…… On Saturday we visited the Castles of Sion exploring the ruins and chateau high above the town. We looked for clues from the past that have been carefully restored in the museum and were pleased to find that much of our work on Castles was illustrated here. A fabulous cultural long ex!