12/12/17 .

Modern Languages Bonanza

Virtually every student in the College participated in this fun event, to the delight of all the staff.  It was a good occasion for all pupils across all year groups to come together and celebrate in different languages. Junior school classes all performed something from their various classes. We had singing of French songs from years 3- 6 and amusing and clever sketches from the years 7 and 8 French, depicting life at school if things go wrong. There were some impressive and very well-structured chants in mandarin from years 5 and 6 pupils.

We then moved onto an ambitious senior school sketch involving most of the pupils, entitled “The Director’s cut”. Pupils acted in different national groups and languages to try to reflect stereotypical traits. The same basic scene was re-enacted a number of times but with a different slant and emphasis. In turn, it was polite, loud and fast, serious, lively, romantic and animated! The Director was never happy and everybody was supposedly sick at the end! This was not intended to be serious and the audience was certainly entertained!  

Everybody entered into the spirit of the occasion and had pleasant lunch time entertainment.