20/02/18 .


Four exceptional young men from Le Régent College travelled to Rome last week to take part in the annual CWMUN Conference. Representing Costa Rica and Mexico, they took part in the UN High Commission for Refugees where they had to debate practical solutions and negotiate policies to provide humanitarian relief. Congratulations must go to Khaled Al Mulla who, with the help of his peers and his teacher, prepared and delivered a speech, on behalf of Mexico, to an audience of over 300 people. Our delegates also managed to get their resolution prepared and sponsored by 63 other countries – one of the highest number of sponsors at the conference. Their resolution automatically passed, which is outstanding for students at their first event. At this event, our students learnt to compromise, to listen and to argue their points of view with other very high calibre delegates. One said ‘I learnt so much from this – I will be eternally grateful for this opportunity.’ Another: ‘This was one of the best experiences of my life.’ 

Overall, the conference was given “10 stars out of 5” by our delegates and they cannot wait for the opportunity to attend next year’s event. Our delegates were also granted the opportunity to visit the Ministry of Foreign Affairs where they were fortunate enough to be given a speech by Angelino Alfano (Italian Minister for Foreign Affairs) in the historic debating chamber.  If you would like your son or daughter to have the same opportunity in the future, then please encourage them to sign up for MUN as a CAS activity in the Autumn term when we will begin to prepare for the next conference! It was a genuine pleasure to be with them and Le Régent College is very proud of their achievements.