01/03/18 .

Chinese New Year Celebration

Le Régent College celebrated with a great deal of curiosity and excitement the 2018 Chinese New Year. Various events throughout the week, in both the Junior and the Senior schools, marked this special occasion. To set the tone, the Senior students were given a paper cutting exercise in the library to spell out “good fortune” in Mandarin. The outcome was actually very fortunate! In Reception and Years 1 and 2, the pupils learnt to make dumplings and use chopsticks. Dumplings are shaped to resemble ancient Chinese gold, and as a result, having dumplings in the Chinese New Year symbolizes the taking in of wealth! Our young learners were also taught hand coordination and Chinese table manners: do not beat your tableware – it means you are begging for food! Pupils in Years 3 and 4 were shown how to use red envelopes to make fish (鱼yú), which means “May you have prosperity in the New Year”. Years 5 and 6 used red envelopes to make dragons. The Chinese perform a lion and a dragon dance on days of jubilation. Years 7 and 8 were musical, singing Chinese songs and playing instruments. They discovered with enthusiasm Chinese classical tunes.

The celebrations culminated with a musical performance at the school restaurant where students and staff enjoyed a scrumptious Chinese meal.