Mission Statement

Courtesy                Compassion           Creativity              Courage

Le Régent Crans-Montana College is a British International boarding and day school in the Swiss Alps town of Crans-Montana, for children aged 4-18. It is governed by four school principles: Courtesy, Compassion, Creativity and Courage.

We aim to

  • produce well-rounded, internationally-minded young men and women, through a rigorous approach to teaching and learning
  • teach our students to value cultural differences, through the dynamics of the school’s multi-cultural environment  
  • help our pupils to become caring and compassionate young people by expecting them to embrace and reflect on the school’s four founding principles: Courtesy, Compassion, Creativity and Courage
  • shape up our students into knowledgeable, industrious, and caring young people who are confident that they can create a better world, and are equipped to do so
  • provide our future graduates with all the skills and qualifications they will need to enter tomorrow’s fiercely competitive job market
  • leave a lasting impression on our students so they feel the need, in their adult lives, to emulate the impact we, as a school, made on them.



The UK syllabus is taught to Years 1-11, leading to IGSCEs, followed by the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme in Years 12 and 13. 

Our curriculum is designed around our four founding principles (Courtesy, Compassion, Creativity and Courage) because we don’t just teach but we educate our students. It promotes critical thinking and creativity while providing the competencies necessary for lifelong learning and holistic development.

Extra-curricular Programme

Our rich extra-curricular programme is designed to provide students with opportunities to challenge themselves and experience a wide range of different activities. It is part and parcel of the education we offer and reinforces our core values.

Pastoral/Boarding Life

Our first aim is to ensure that all our students are well-cared for so that they live a happy and fulfilled life and are confident that they will find the help and support they might need at any time.  Successes are always celebrated and when things go wrong, children are guided in the right direction so that mistakes become learning experiences.