The Senior School library is at the heart of the College and reflects our commitment to academia. The room is bright and spacious, providing a special atmosphere conducive to independent learning and academic excellence. 

The Library is a blend of tradition and innovation. The library benefits from a ‘state of the art’ ICT infrastructure and students can connect electronic devices to the WiFi network, giving them access to the latest e-resources. With an up-to-date stock of journals and magazines, it fosters a culture in which students are encouraged to read widely, research and study. 


"The library is the beating heart of any [great] school and its life and vitality depend on it."

-Anthony Horowitz


The Le Régent College Library, endeavours to cultivate a genuine love of reading and to empower students with the information literacy skills necessary to prepare them for a lifetime of learning. As a British International School our Library is committed to fostering intellectual curiosity and developing a whole school reading community. Perched at the very top of the Senior School with truly breathtaking views of the Swiss Alps, every student regardless of their native language has the opportunity to focus in this inspirational learning space.


Our Library Vision;

· To successfully deliver the highest quality information and collection services which nurture the educational, social and cultural well-being of the Le Régent College community

· To   make   optimal   use   of  the professional   skills   of   teaching  and   librarianship

· To  be  at the forefront  of  technological  change, using  and  teaching new technologies as they emerge

· To  encourage   and   promote   students’  understanding and appreciation  of  quality   literature


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