Guiding Principles


Our school is governed by four School Principles:  Courtesy, Compassion, Creativity, and Courage. It is a school which treats children as individuals, supports them and expects them to achieve well in all areas of school life. 



Courtesy has gradually become a forgotten virtue in these fast moving times. This quality is based on respect for everyone, their beliefs, cultures and personality. Being courteous to others encourages them to reciprocate, therefore creating an atmosphere of tolerance, acceptance, and openness.


Compassion fosters our ability to recognize when others need help, to provide support and guidance to those close to us in this boarding environment and to the many at large, much less privileged than we are. Compassion helps create a warm family atmosphere around us and encourages all to gain the sort of success that comes from a committed team effort. 


Creativity is too often a neglected talent which is so important in the development of the whole person. Creativity, as encouraged and developed in the minds of children today, holds the imaginative solution to tomorrow’s global challenges.


Courage helps us to go beyond what we feel is our maximum, to commit fully to what we do, to stand up for what we believe in, to recover from setbacks more eager to conquer. Courage is also about expressing and discussing our views in an open, reflective and respectful manner. Courage, and the commitment it implies, ensures we do our utmost to see all our challenges through, to be in unison with the school’s ethos and to support wholeheartedly our chosen charitable missions.