Boarding and Day

Le Regent College welcomes students from all over the world. We have a vibrant co-educational boarding community. Day students share a full day and many weekends’ activities with their boarder peers.  They are expected to be as much part of the school life as their family life allows and benefit fully from all the support and care provided to the boarders.

In the Senior School there are two boarding Houses, one for the Senior girls and the other for the Senior boys; they are looked after by House Parents (Directors of Boarding) who are resident in the building. They are experienced in running efficient, caring, friendly and purposeful communities. Most of the time, they are also members of the teaching staff.  We create an atmosphere of industriousness during the week, interspersed with moments of fun and physical activity complemented by busy and enjoyable weekends with plenty on offer, including outings to town, dependent on work commitment.  Both buildings have three floors and each room accommodates two students. On each of these floors lives a young university graduate who cares for a maximum of 25 students.  Their memories of school are recent enough to make sure they have great empathy with the students, though greater maturity helps the tutors guide and support, as well as remonstrate whenever necessary.  House Parents and Tutors are supported by a school nurse. There are many excellent local doctors on call should they be required. 

Evening and weekend activities are organized regularly and include sports, cultural outings, horse riding, ice skating, film nights, board games, and forays in the surrounding mountains with specialists making sure all students have a full and diversified educational experience.  We make sure everyone feels completely at home.