Boarding and Day


Le Regent College welcomes students from all over the world. We have a vibrant co-educational boarding community. Day students share a full day and many weekends’ activities with their boarder peers.  They are expected to be as much part of the school life as their family life allows and benefit fully from all the support and care provided to the boarders.

In the Junior School, boy and girl boarders live on separate floors, looked after and provided for by living-in members of staff, including the Headmaster and his wife.  Small numbers and the special care given to the children’s welfare, together with a real family atmosphere, ensure a harmonious and happy life.  Each student shares a very comfortable room with en-suite shower and other facilities, with up to three of their peers.  They enjoy their own very well appointed Library which is a focal point to their learning; there is also ample and safe space for playing and enjoying each other’s company, both inside in the ‘Combles’ and outside with the playground equipment.  Our indoor Sports Hall is situated a few meters away, ensuring boys and girls can exercise and enjoy fun in sport as often as possible. 

Breakfast, morning and afternoon breaks are served in the building, but lunches and dinners are attended in the main dining room in the Senior School.  Great care is taken by the school chef and his/her team to prepare well-balanced meals with plenty of fresh and delicious food; special dietary requirements are also provided for.  Meals are taken in the traditional manner sitting together with members of staff, and good table manners are an integral part of the well-rounded education the school provides.

Evening and weekend activities are organized regularly and include sports, cultural outings, horse riding, ice skating, film nights, board games, and forays in the surrounding mountains with specialists making sure all students have a full and diversified educational experience.  We make sure everyone feels completely at home. 

We are extremely flexible and happy to accommodate most boarding requests from day students, for the odd evening, for regular nights, or for longer blocks of time. We often find these requests come from the children themselves who are keen to join a favoured activity or the busy weekend programme. Having a teacher on hand 24/7 when it comes to prep time can also have significant appeal!