Bilingual Infant School 


Through a warm and caring environment, we aim to allow each child to develop to their full potential during their time with us. Our days are filled with games and songs alongside time for learning important life skills such as how to read, write and maths skills. 


We follow the British National curriculum in both French and English. The areas of learning in Reception (aged 4) are:

Communication and language

Physical development

Personal, social and emotional development



Understanding the world

Expressive Arts and Design


In Year 1 and 2, children have lessons in English, French, Maths, Science, History, Art, PE and Music. 

Firstly, we teach reading and writing in English, and then literacy skills in French are introduced depending on when each individual child is ready. This may be earlier for native French speakers.

We use the Inspire Maths programme, which is based on the Singapore method of Maths. This is a very challenging Maths programme and helps children to make extended progress in Maths.

We still have the chance to have lots of fun in our lessons and to be creative in all aspects of learning.



In Reception, children have 3 days when their lessons are all in French and 2 days when they are in English. In Year 1 and 2, children have 3 English days and 2 French days. The School is mainly staffed by three teachers: one French, one English and one who is able to speak French and English. All are native speakers and qualified teachers. This means that at times when children require additional support, there can be more than one teacher present.

The school day is from 9am until 3pm, but care is available from 8am-9am and until 6pm for those that need it.


Outdoor Education

The outdoors is something very important to us in Le Régent College, and as a result, we have two afternoons per week of Forest school. During this time, children are able to learn a variety of skills, for instance den-making, art activities, forest games, to name but a few. As well as this, we regularly take our lessons outside and make use of the outdoor space that we have. Children also have the opportunity to go on a multitude of trips and expeditions throughout the year.


Guiding Principles

At our heart, we are a school that develops and nurtures the whole child. Our guiding principles of Courtesy, Compassion, Creativity and Courage are fundamental to our educational approach. Our bilingual Infant School students will have the unique opportunity to develop fluency in both English and French through a varied and exciting programme of lessons, games and activities. 

For more information or to visit us, please contact our admissions team on:


Telephone: +41 (0) 27 480 32 01.