Beyond the Classroom


We have an exciting and diverse extra-curricular programme that complements our strong academic programme. Exam grades are very important, however, some of the most valuable skills young people learn in education cannot be measured and are developed ‘beyond the classroom’.

Le Régent’s graduates will be well-balanced, globally-minded and have the skills to be confident and successful in their future lives. The extra-curricular programme encourages students to embody the core values of Courtesy, Compassion, Creativity and Courage, as well as develop communication, language skills, problem solving, collaboration, entrepreneurship, risk taking, and leadership.

We understand that every young person is an individual, so each student is guided towards finding activities that suit them. It is important that the College can support each student in striking a successful balance between academic and extra-curricular activities. To this end, our provision in this area is exciting, diverse and well-resourced.

Looking through the website you will realise there is a real breadth of opportunities, allowing the keen to participate and enjoy, and the talented to excel. Each child has the opportunity and guidance to develop talents, discover passions and hone important life skills.

Everyone is encouraged to 'have a go', whatever their level of ability.