The Arts and Drama


Music, Art and Drama are a key part of the academic curriculum and enrichment programme. We encourage every student at Le Regent to express themselves creatively and learn to work collaboratively.  This is not only enjoyable, stimulating and rewarding in itself, but also helps to develop essential communication skills and self-confidence.



A tremendous range of instruments is taught either by permanent or visiting peripatetic staff. With a versatile timetable individual music lessons do not clash with academic lessons. The students have the opportunity to be part of music ensembles, orchestra, choirs, and the opportunity to perform in informal and formal concerts, whatever their ability. We also anticipate co-curricular music trips to concerts in the Valais area. 



Our art teachers are well-qualified and experienced specialists who teach a variety of disciplines including oil-painting, print-making, ceramics, textiles, photography, mixed-media work and sculpture. These activities are available to all students as either part of the academic curriculum or part of the Curriculum Enrichment programme. In the course of the year, the students have the opportunity to demonstrate their developing talent in school art exhibitions and competitions.



From September 2016, Le Regent College students from both the senior and junior schools will enjoy their own custom-built dance and theatre complex where dance and drama will flourish. Over 100 square meters of sprung floors with multi-purpose dance surface equipped with mirrors and barres will soon be in use. It will indeed be a unique space where classical ballet will continue to thrive and other dance forms and exercise classes can now be developed.



Le Regent organises an exciting programme of productions involving all age groups throughout the year. The students also have the opportunity to participate in the House public speaking and reading competitions, which at an early age develop the key skill of clear, confident communication to a large audience.